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The Racehorse Tavern will now be having FREE bar bingo every thursday night. Start time is 7:30pm. 10 games and a black out will be played. Black out to be the grand prize. Prizes will stem from gift cards, Victoria secret, pocket books, baskets and much more. Come join the fun ?

Friday  DECEMBER  14TH

 This Friday      DECEMBER  14TH


Southern country rock is no longer made up of long haired, older men riding motorcycles singing about their lives. There are young faces in the Delaware Valley scene that are changing the image and sound of southern country rock. Based in Delaware the band Southern Tyde has created hard hitting drum beats mixed with the intensity of a hard rock band but keeping the soft edge of country in their vocals and leads. They also cater to the softer quieter side of country with offering up three part harmonies acoustically. Their intense stage performance captures their fans, who faithfully follow their music wherever they go. As a band that has quickly progressed in the past two years, these five young guys are taking the music industry by storm. They are currently recording their first album, which features their newest songs, Bad Boy Fever and Outlaws like us. As a southern rock band, they have an arsenal of country songs they tweak to their style of music, as well as many originals to offer up their own creative style.

Years prior to grouping, Rob Rowe, 32, drummer and twin brother Rich Rowe, 32, lead guitarist, began Southern Tyde with a Nashville recording artist. After working with the group, the two decided to expand their own talent and began looking for members. They had been performing with members who then rotated in and out of the group. Josh Willis, 23, rhythm guitarist and John Murphy, 23, bassist were quickly found at random in local bars and open mic nights, and with their influences of Cliff Burton and Kenny Wayne, the group started to take shape . A year later, still searching for a certain sound, they met lead vocalist, Hank Miller, 21, who joined the band through knowing all of their lyrics during his audition. After joining Hank’s influences of Brantley Gilbert and his intense but soft vocals, the band’s energy skyrocketed.

 $5.00 COVER AT THE DOOR !!!!!

Saturday  DECEMBER  15TH

This Saturday DECEMBER  15TH


$5.00    COVER AT THE DOOR!!!!

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